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Relative paths in PHP INI

I’ve always preferred to use relative file paths in my PHP INI, but ran into problems when running PHP from different directories. For example, a directive like error_log = "../logs/php_errors.log" will resolve to different paths when invoked by /public/index.php (e.g. Zend Framework) and /cli-config.php (e.g. Doctrine CLI). Some INI directives can be set at runtime by our application (see PHP_INI_ALL), but many cannot. I finally found the solution with environment variables.
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Microsoft Office Link Pre-fetching and Single Sign-On

I updated a site to use Single Sign-On (SSO) capability, specifically with Shibboleth, and was shocked to discover that links to the site in Microsoft Office files stopped working. This turns out to be a known issue with no definitive solution. So after thorough troubleshooting I created my own workaround, and as usual I hope sharing it will benefit others.
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Don’t host on a .255 IP address

Most of the websites that I build at work are for internal use, but last year I created a site with a public audience. Everything was going well post-launch until I received a handful of reports from users who couldn’t access the site. They tried clearing cookies, switching browsers, switching computers, and resetting modems, but nothing worked. Visiting any page on the site would result in an error like “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” or “Unable to connect”. They could view other sites hosted on my network, but nothing hosted on the same server as this public site. The PHP and server logs recorded nothing unusual. What was happening?
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