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Image for "Understanding Jest Mocks"

Understanding Jest Mocks

Decipher Jest's complex rules for mocking modules.

Image for "Faster Google Classroom Assignments with a Bookmarklet"

Faster Google Classroom Assignments with a Bookmarklet

A free tool for teachers to automate the repetitive task of assigning work to a group.

Image for "Segment S3 uploads by Cognito user"

Segment S3 uploads by Cognito user

Use S3 policies to isolate Cognito users into subdirectories of a bucket.

Image for "Calculate AWS v4 Signature with client-side JavaScript"

Calculate AWS v4 Signature with client-side JavaScript

Use AWS Cognito credentials to authenticate requests directly in the browser.

Image for "Code Style: Accessing JavaScript Variables"
Code Style

Code Style: Accessing JavaScript Variables

JavaScript's syntax allows for a lot of shortcuts when accessing variables. But shorter code can also be confusing. Which techniques are the shortest? Which are the easiest to read?

Image for "A Parser for Conditional Expressions"

A Parser for Conditional Expressions

I've created a tool for analyzing conditional expressions.

Image for "Managing Puppet modules on Vagrant with Librarian-Puppet"

Managing Puppet modules on Vagrant with Librarian-Puppet

Load Puppet's third-party dependencies on-demand and keep them out of source control.

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