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Calculate AWS v4 Signature with client-side JavaScript

My team recently completed a challenging 5-month product build that integrates with many Amazon Web Services (AWS) features. We had the opportunity to use some new services, namely AWS Cognito, which forced us to pioneer new solutions more than a typical project. First up: calculating AWS v4 signatures client-side to integrate EvaporateJS with AWS Cognito.
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KnockoutJS custom binding for Quicksand

This plugin has been moved into GitHub. And thanks to some updates to Quicksand, it now works with the latest versions of jQuery, Quicksand, and KnockoutJS.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with KnockoutJS, a JavaScript framework for streamlining client-side data and UI updates. I’ve found it wonderfully easy to implement Knockout’s out-of-box functionality and obsolete tons of my custom code. This conversion was helped by Knockout’s thorough documentation and numerous working examples. But I soon had the desire to integrate Knockout with Quicksand, a jQuery plugin for animating list sorts and filters. This quickly proved difficult, probably because I’m still new to Knockout, but with help from the Knockout forums I eventually created a custom binding to apply Quicksand animations to a Knockout observableArray. No one else has published such a binding so I’m sharing mine for others’ benefit. But beware that it may not handle every circumstance you throw at it.
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