A Parser for Conditional Expressions

Photo by Yung Chang on Unsplash.

I've created a tool at https://www.wimpyprogrammer.com/conditional-parser/ for analyzing conditional expressions.

A while back my co-worker and I encountered a tricky conditional statement on a legacy C# project:

&& Active
&& (IsVerified.HasValue
  && (IsVerified.Value
    || (!IsVerified.Value
      && (AccountType != "CannotValidate"
        && !String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(AccountType)
  ) || importID.HasValue

While troubleshooting that portion of the code, we needed to understand all of the circumstances in which the expression would evaluate to true. "Surely there's a tool that can break this down for us!" I thought, but couldn't find one and decided to build my own.

The Conditional Expression Parser will divide a conditional statement into its operators and conditions, then list the combinations that would cause the entire expression to evaluate to true. It recognizes AND (&&), OR (||), and XOR (^) operators and is smart enough to ignore strings ("a && b") and function calls (foo(a && b)).

The source code is available on GitHub.



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